Innovation Inspired by Nature

We empower busy innovators to ideate, design and start up  imaginative, nature-positive and pro-social business innovations and cultures that protect, conserve and renew the planet and people’s essential spirit, biodiversity and vitality.


Our Interactions with the World Leave it More Vibrant Than We Found It.

Our LifeBoat Goals

Renature Mind.

Nurture Imagination.     

create Regenerative Work, Life and play Habits.

 Becoming a regenerative business is an idea whose time has come


Even Walmart thinks so.


Regeneration is the next step toward sustainability, because Regeneration are those processes which allow to maintain life and in good health.” Andrea Illy, Co-Chair: The Regenerative Society Foundation

It means living your life – working, living and playing –  in a way that creates more life – not just in nature, but your relationships, home, wealth, local communities and organizational’s culture.

We link regenerative ideas and design thinking with business action in the real world.

Are you interested in the regeneration renaissance and don’t know where to start?


Sign up for the Summer 2021 launch of our Ecotherapeutic Guide Certificate – A Regenerative Design and Leadership Program

“Strong nature relatedness is associated with greater happiness and ecologically sustainable behavior.” 

“Nature relatednesss and biosphere concern are associated with less self-interest and more consideration of the larger environment. In other words, more environmental concern.”

Elizabeth Nisbet and John Zelenski (The NR-6: a new brief measure of  nature relatedness: Frontiers in Psychology, Nov 2013)

An EcoTherapeutic Guide is a leader who cultivates nature positive habits at work, life and play to increase nature relatedness. Research indicates that increasing nature relatedness can result in increases in positive moods and pro-environmental behavior.

You learn and apply solutions thinking, goal focused positive eco-psychology and distributed leadership knowledge, tools and practices for personal leadership development.

You enable others to gain growth, knowledge and wellbeing with nature as mentor.

Ecotherapeutic Guides support the cultivation of individual, team, organizational and community growth and wellbeing – by enhancing moral resilience, digital health & intelligence and stronger and improved quality of connection to the  environment and other people. 

Your work as Ecotherapeutic Guide contributes to sustainable financial success, as well as Environmental, Social and Governance/Ethics (ESG) goals.

Our innovative Personal Leadership Program is designed with busy people in mind.

It empowers you to introduce, test, practice and scale strengths-based, foundational, practical nature centric self-leadership and wellbeing programs at work, home and your community.

The program is designed to introduce practical regenerative leadership while contributing to individual, team, organizational and community wellbeing and happiness.

Upon successful completion of the program, you qualify for the Ecotherapeutic Guide Certificate.

Throughout the program you explore the question of how nature influences happiness in the first place.

The course is designed with Integrated Strategic Alignment in mind: A novel new approach to leadership and organizational wellbeing that not only supports business goal achievement, but the investment in the program contributes to achievement of ESG goals. In other words, innovation, leadership and organizational development becomes regenerative.

The program design is non-pathologizing, strength-oriented, preventive, and contextually fitting, as well as family friendly.

This signature leadership program is designed with in-person, hybrid and remote work and corporate leadership and culture in mind.

It was developed using the NeuroLeadership Institute’s AGES Model for learning.

Our founder Regenerative Leadership Network mentors are available to support your learning.

Participants gain free access to our exclusive Curated Community of practice away from traditional social media;

Immersing yourself in the indoors and outdoors course activities will promote subjective, personal wellbeing and nature intelligence;

Builds confidence by following a simple, structured process, practices, tools and content to guide others in how to integrate and cultivate personal and cultural transformations with nature as mentor;

Restorative (including attention restoration, mood restoration and relationship restoration);

Promotion of positive emotions;

Building trust and hope;

Helps to protect and restore your inner and outer life from machine influence;

Supports your future fit career development: help yourself and support your team and clients; and

Fosters cultivating high performance cognitive skills of focused concentration, intentional mind-wandering and soft fascination.

Our experience has shown the importance of formally approved and competent mentors to support participants (individuals and groups) when embarking on leadership and employee development programs.

We invite you to join our EcoNova Leaders mentor network.

You will work directly with the EcoNova Leaders founder team while you learn how to use the Ecotherapeutic Guide Mentor blueprint and tools as well as Ecotherapy Design Canvas™.

To ensure clarity on expectations, standards and quality, we established a competency development process with milestones, including criteria for successful completion of the mentor program.

Applications start with a formal interview.

It is important for us to live the philosophy and principles of regenerative cultures.

The purpose of the Ecotherapeutic Guide leadership program is to make nature-based leadership development accessible and practical.

We offer various pathways to make it possible for you to achieve the Ecotherapeutic Guide Certificate and even become a Mentor if your financial situation makes it difficult to pay our training fees.

Examples of how you can access the programs when you experience money constraints:

  • Translation of course materials (into your mother tongue, for example)
  • Helping to build the EcoNova Leaders community and experiences
  • Teaching support

If you want to make use of this pathway, please reach out for an online meeting with us where we can explore how.

What skills and knowledge do you bring to the regenerative movement? 

Join us to revitalize Nature