Regenerative Innovations Inspired by Nature Connection and Green Creativity


Our Three Lifeboat Goals

Restore our Wild Hearts

Enhance nature connection through our senses, compassion, finding meaning, emotions, beauty and a sense of kinship with the natural world.

Recreate Imagination

Nurture human imagination to enable people to be original, creative, resourceful and adaptive to crisis and continuous rapid changes.

 Startup Regeneration©

Be future fit cultivating and scaling the  knowledge, skills, technologies and routines to create regenerative work and lifestyles networks.


We are a Regenerative StartUp for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Whether you are already working in the regenerative industry and movement, about to start, making a career transition or developing new skills and opportunities with a longer term view into the future:

We bring together our corporate strategy skills, digital economy transformation knowledge and regenerative movement experience to design and deliver attractive, agile and easy to adopt regenerative business innovation strategies, blueprints and pathways.

We help you spark fresh ideas to while learning about and practicing new actions, habits and processes to restore and maintain vitality to your self, your team, organization or business, home and ultimately local economic, governance and natural systems and networks.

You gain access to new work and culture knowledge, skills and opportunities, while benefitting from being a first adopter in regenerative business model innovations.

Our corporate-ready toolbox is immediately applicable to your busy professional performance cultures and key strategic market trends, while helping you to experience success a bit faster.

Experience Regeneration

 Attend or organise an event with us: We offer individual, small and large group regenerative events, retreats and workshops with measurable outcomes:  Leadership development, talent experiences, team building, executive retreats, client brand events and employee motivation and wellness: Linked to strategic performance goals.


Learn how to Regenerate

Complete our in person and on-demand virtual professional training programs: Work under our mentorship using action learning and apply our agile regenerative design methods, Quick Start Guidebooks, Tools and structured activities while solving immediate problems. Learn how to start up your regenerative community.


Live Regeneration

Make the art of regeneration your work and life style, incorporating it into your profession and business: Easily scale and onboard others using our training and community support platform. Train other facilitators and mentors and build distributed networks and ecosystems. Become an EcoNova ambassador or facilitator.