Regeneration Inspired by Nature Connection

We enable innovators to start up imaginative, nature-positive generating business innovations that protect, conserve and renew the planet and people’s essential spirit, biodiversity and vitality.


Our Interactions with the World Leave it More Vibrant Than We Found It.

Our LifeBoat Goals

Restore our Wild Mind.

Nurture Imagination.     

Enable Regenerative Work, Life and Play Lifestyles.

′The future is not just digital, its also regenerative


Even Walmart, Nestle′ and Elon Musk’s brother thinks so.


Regeneration is the next step toward sustainability, because Regeneration are those processes which allow to maintain life and in good health.” Andrea Illy, Co-Chair: The Regenerative Society Foundation

It means living your life – working, living and playing –  in a way that creates more life – not just in nature, but your relationships, home, wealth, local communities and organizational’s culture.

We link regenerative ideas and design thinking with action in the real world

What skills, knowledge and experience do you bring to the regenerative movement?

Join us in revitalizing the world.