Our mission

The future is not just digital. We have entered a global regeneration renaissance.

Turning over a new leaf, professional development and learning about regenerative innovation on our own can’t substitute for learning in a group and is a communal enterprise.

Nature based traditions are build on the foundation that learning occurs in direct relation between teacher and student – corresponding in our desire to learn, is an innate desire to teach.

Our brand experience

Utilizing and applying the EcoNova design and development methodologies, processes and learning how to utilize the techniques and tools are restorative and therapeutic within itself.  For example, it provides relief from challenges such as apathy, cognitive fatigue, stress, anxiety and distress, while also cultivating human and ecosystem wellbeing.

How we are doing it

Our online community on Mighty Networks creates opportunities for corporate leaders and professionals to connect and collaborate with artists and green creative entrepreneurs to turn regenerative theories and concepts into action.

Millions of people want to change how they work, live and make money. We make it easy to learn and cultivate a regenerative mind and focus on supporting the acceleration of the adoption and cultivation of a network of regenerative professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Our promise is to not only make regenerative life design not only practical, but therapeutical while you cultivate your future fit knowledge, skills and experience.

We help leaders future proof their work by cultivating human capabilities, perspectives, skills and value contributions that are scarce,  difficult to automate and scale and also create real economic impact on the ground and the real economy.

Instead of lecturing, teaching, advocacy and other values transformation tactics, we apply the art of storytelling, myth-making, games and other creative expressions to inspire action for personal agency and lifestyle change.

Our mission is to empower team human to rewild, nourish human imagination and revitalize eco-self-sovereign living as essential practical wisdom technologies.



We collectively generate value through

Regenerative Leadership

Exclusive learning and leadership development: Bite size lessons separated into themed units, such as Digital Intelligence, The Art of Strategic Conversations, Community Design, Positive EcoTherapy, Regenerative Design Thinking and Regenerative Business Models. We also deal with new health topics such as Moral Distress, Digital Fatigue and Nature Deficit.

Additional background and content for EcoNova courses where members can share and network with each other.

Curated library of resources, such as recommended expert videos, science, and academic research from “the road less travelled’.

Regenerative Technologies

Learning the movement, art and skills, crafts, techniques and tools of the EcoNova Regenerative Design Thinking and Development Model.

Designing  regenerative innovations, strategic regenerative organizational design and green creative entrepreneurship.

Developing new regenerative community design frameworks and business models that do not rely on current big tech, attention fo sale business models designed to distract your time and energy.

MakerSpace: Walking Our Talk

Practical application of the regenerative leadership, design thinking and psychology to make and share innovations (hackathons, using an artisan like approach), including networking.

Specialized groups for specific interests, lead by teacher moderators who offer specialized training.

Gallery of community member’s learning projects, where everyone can learn and network.

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” – Coco Chanel