“Regeneration are those processes which allows life to maintain in good health, but at the same time also restore life in ecosystems – from micro organisms up to large populations.” Andrea Illy, Co-Chair: The Regenerative Society Foundation

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Regenerative Life by Design

Innovate with Nature in Mind

Design with nature in mind means design for life and the health of the whole. (Adapted from Design with Nature by Ian McHarg – Scottish landscape architect and pioneer in regenerative design)

Are you interested in regenerative leadership and don’t know where to start?

We empower leaders  in highly demanding roles and organizations to gain the mindset, knowledge, skills and tools to restore and revitalize the human spirit and our natural world while cultivating multicapital resilience and abundance.

EcoNova Purpose 

Making it easy for pathfinders to accelerate the adoption and capabilities needed to create organizations and ecosystems that are able to regenerate themselves and reach their potential.

EcoNova 2030 Mission

We believe that a deep love for the wilderness and nature is at the core of the regenerative future.

Our mission  is to make respect, stewardship and love of human and non-human life the norm for leaders in business, government and influential institutions by 2030.

How we are doing it

We research and develop regenerative life design technologies and leadership networks to remedy the health crisis of nature deficit, moral distress and digital imbalance.

The EcoNova Regenerative Design Thinking and Development Framework and Model empowers high performance and high impact leaders to ideate, design and cultivate regenerative innovations and business models.

Our Promise: Applying the EcoNova process and learning how to utilize the techniques and tools is regenerative and therapeutic within itself. For example, it provides relief from challenges such as apathy, cognitive fatigue, stress, anxiety and moral distress, while also cultivating human and ecosystem wellbeing.

Our three LifeBoat Initiative goals

Our nature positive interventions Inspire the design and cultivation of the regenerative capacity of personal, cultural and ecosystem vitality.

We aspire to achieve three results:

1. “Rewilding” humans and nature (restore our “undomesticated self”)

2. Nurturing imagination through Creative Connection

3. Cultivating New Habits and Living Systems Practices for Regenerative Lifestyle Changes

Aspiring Lifeboat initiative

“It’s better to have milk and cheese many times, than beef just once.” Bhutan Proverb