Local Ecosystem Support

“If you want to produce something truly new and useful, you cannot know — by definition — exactly where to go. Instead of trying to come up with a vision and make innovation happen themselves, a leader of innovation creates a place – a context, an environment – where people are willing and able to do the hard work that innovative problem solving requires.”
From the book Collective Genius: The art and practice of leading innovation by Linda A Hill, Greg Brandeay, Emily Truelove and Kent Lineback
We actively support local entrepreneurs and advocate for social procurement to help build community wealth such as cultural regeneration within our local communities – financially (for example, paid membership and paid content) as well as active volunteership and advocacy for their work.

British Columbia, Canada

The Ballet Lounge

The award winning Ballet Lounge in Vancouver, Canada, was founded by Suzy Kaitman, the creator of Ballet Fit®, a fusion of traditional ballet and fitness programs.

Her structured fitness approach to traditional ballet for adults (of any age) makes re-entering ballet and ballet for beginners accessible and fun. All the dance teachers are unique and offer a variety of different ballet and jazz dance fitness classes. Advanced dancers who attend the classes are also warm and encouraging to newcomers, and the values of the community promote a culture of respect and passion for ballet and dance.

The artist culture of the Ballet Lounge makes their community inclusive, supportive of each other, and an oasis of joy, social connection and wellbeing – even more so when working remotely. 

Vancouver is the home of the global yoga fitness transformation with Lululemon. The Ballet Lounge and Suzy’s work is now being showcased globally and we are very excited about an  artist innovator from Vancouver becoming the new trendsetter for ballet fitness for everyone.

(Photo of Suzy by Baby and Me Fitness)

The BC Organizational Development Network

“The BC Organizational Development Network is a virtual learning community of over 700 pracitioners in a wide variety of organizations. Members are employed by private industries, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. We also operate consulting firms, engage in private practices, and teach in our areas of expertise.

As is the case for many professions, the practice of OD is dynamic and evolves over time as it matures and responds to the changing nature of the disciplines within which it operates and the changing demands of the marketplace.

However, OD’s focus on improving the health and effectiveness of organizations remains constant. Using a system lens, the OD practice concentrates on developing organizations’ capabilities through the alignment of strategies, structure, management processes, people, rewards and metrics by supporting people and strengthening the alignment of strategies, organizational structures, management processes, rewards and metrics.”

(Photo: BDODN Event) 

International Ecosystem:  Nature Based Traditional Lineages Support

Sherab Chamma Ling Tibetan Bon Buddhist Society

Before the arrival of Buddhism, the main religion among Tibetans was an indigenous nature-centric religion, Bon, which now comprises a sizeable minority and which would later influence the formation of Tibetan Buddhism.  Bön is among the oldest indigenous spiritual traditions in the world. It originated in Central Asia thousands of years ago and eventually took root in what is now Tibet. (Variously as Persia, Central Asia, or the area around Mount Kailash in the west of the Tibetan Plateau.)  The ancient roots of the tradition derive from a profound respect for nature and emphasize the healing of physical and environmental as well as spiritual afflictions. H.H. the Dalai Lama formally recogizes Bon as the native religion of Tibet and one of Tibet’s five core spiritual traditions.

Cherab Chamma Ling is a centre located in Courtenay BC, Canada dedicated to teaching and to preserving the Tibetan Bön religion and culture. While the centre is in the Yungdrung Bön tradition of Buddhism, all races, beliefs, teachers and practitioners are welcome. The centre is administered by a non-profit society.

Photo of Geshe YongDong founder Cherab Chamma Ling, at Cumberland Lake Park & Campground, October 2020.

Amaru Indigenous Community – Peru

The Amaru Community is a unique and small Andean village. Locals welcome visitors with beautiful native music and flower decorations at the entrance of their houses.

The region is known for their gracious offerings to Mother Earth, or ‘Pachamama,’ as symbolic displays of gratitude for daily life, food abundance, harmony, peace and the opportunity to meet brothers and sisters from different cultures. 

Citizens of Amaru are as talented as they are hospitable, and are known for being masters in the art of weaving in the unique and authentic tradition of their ancestors.

We are grateful to the Lucia Ccana Santa Cruz and Karina from Tours for Your Soul who are creating virtual cultural educational experiences, giving us a glimpse about life in the high mountains. 

Photo of Lucia Ccana Santa Cruz who is an Amaru community leader and Karina Fortier at Lucia’s homestead, October 2019. You can read more about both on our teams page.