EcoNova Leaders Content 

Strategic Leadership Conversations

The future is not just digital – its also regenerative.Join us for a strategic conversation about the regenerative economy.

At the end of the presentation, you will be able to

  • define what regeneration is
  • understand why regeneration is important right now
  • gain insights into the opportunities of the regenerative economy
  • reflect on what it means for you (how to build the future you want while revitalizing the Earth)
  • We will also tell you more about how to join the Regenerative Leadership Network to co-create a nature-positive future.

Regenerative Psychology Presentation

Moral suffering and distress is a hidden health crisis.

Because its not widely known, people are unaware of how it impacts theirs and others’ wellbeing.

Being able to identify it, label it, and become more familiar with moral distress, is not only empowering… It helps to pave the way to start a journey to cultivate moral resilience. Join MaRi Eagar in this presentation about this very important and relevant mental and emotional health topic.

Regenerative Design Thinking Presentation – Biophilia

This is an extract from the EcoNova Ecotherapeutic Guide program.

In this module we explore biophilia, a love of live and living ecosystems which is a foundation for ecotherapy.

I also share some examples of how people globally are increasingly turning to nature-based activities for health and wellbeing.

Regenerative Psychology Presentation – EcoArt from the Andean Mountains

Despacho ceremony (offering to Mother Nature) ecoart therapeutic experience filmed during solstice of December 21st, 2020.

Led by Walter Peña Huarca from the Amaru community in Sacred Valley, Peru.

He also explains the visioning methods and process according to his family’s tradition passed down for generations. Walter received formal authorization from his grandfather to lead Despacho Ceremonies and take over from him as a Paqo. (He mentions his grandfather was a Paqo – a wisdom keeper.)