EcoNova Events

We offer various events to support cross-ecosystem wellbeing development and to encourage a regenerative path to responsible consumption and production. (Sustainable Development Goal 12)

Where possible, we make event content available to members of in our community in our library in the EcoNova Village™.

Past Events

Spring Launch: Ecotherapeutic Guide Certificate on Udemy

As part of our commitment to make positive, nature-based therapeutic practices accessible, we launched our Ecotherapeuticc Guide Certificate on Udemy.

Our innovative Personal Leadership Program empowers you to introduce, test, practice and scale strengths-based, foundational, practical nature centric self-leadership and wellbeing programs at work, home and your community.

Upon successful completion of the program, you qualify for the Ecotherapeutic Guide Certificate.

The program design is non-pathologizing, strength-oriented, preventive, and contextually fitting, as well as family friendly.

This signature leadership program is designed with in-person, hybrid and remote work and corporate leadership and culture in mind. It was developed using the NeuroLeadership Institute’s AGES Model for learning.

Our founder Regenerative Leadership Network mentors are available to support your learning. Participants gain free access to our exclusive Curated Community of practice away from traditional social media.


Urgent: Regenerative Leadership & Organizations Needed. Inquire Inside, February 2021

An event hosted by the BC Organizational Development Network on 25 February 2020.

The emerging field of regenerative leadership and organizations marks a significant evolution in the concept and application of sustainability. The Neuroleadership Institute named Regenerative Leadership a Top Trend in 2020. The purpose of this event is to initiate a strategic conversation about the current and future role of OD in enabling leaders and organizations to transition successfully into the Green Economy

Register with the BC Organizational Development Network.

The Professionals of Tomorrow, February 2021

We participated in the The Windermere Marketing Group’s 7th annual networking event, The Professionals of Tomorrow.

This annual event aims to build confidence in students within the professional world, allowing students to discuss their future aspirations with professionals in all areas. The goal is to help students obtain a better sense of their post-secondary pursuits. This business formal event provides an opportunity for students to be exposed to advice and insight from successful individuals.

During this event, we were able to share with students the opportunities of the regenerative economy, in context of professions such as accounting and computer science.

We Need to Talk About Moral Suffering and Distress, January 2021

Moral suffering and distress is a hidden health crisis. Because its not widely known, people are unaware of how it impacts theirs and others’ wellbeing. Being able to identify it, label it, and become more familiar with moral distress, is not only empowering… It helps to pave the way to start a journey to cultivate moral resilience.

Join Jennifer Aberman and EcoNova Founder MaRi Eagar on January 29th, 2021 on Zoom for this fireside chat about this very important and relevant mental and emotional health topic.

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An Introduction to Regenerative Leadership, December 8th, 2020

The future is not just digital – its also regenerative. Join us for a strategic conversation about the regenerative economy.

We will discuss what regeneration is and help you understand why regeneration is important right now. You will gain insights into the opportunities of the regenerative economy, and reflect on what that means for you (how to build the future you want while revitalizing the Earth)

We will also tell you more about how to join the Regenerative Leadership Network to co-create a nature-positive future.

Register here on Crowdcast to access the content for free.

Inaugural Story Salon, June, 2020

During  June 2020 we designed and released our first EcoNova Story Salon – designed to be fun and yet therapeutic encounters with stories that entertain and regenerate. This a first of a series of Story Salons developed to support the EcoNova Design Thinking and Development Model.

Story performer Claire van der Vyver, International Performance Artist and Creativity Coach and Facilitator, narrated the the folklore of Hummingbird’s Quest to find the Gardens of Life. We shared a simple long life song from a traditional Himalayan nature-based culture, and found out from Tanna Po, our resident artist, how nature inspires her art.

Story Salon content is available to members of the Regenerative Leadership Network.


ParTeck Decentralized and Alternative Finance, Vancouver, 2019

Invited as facilitators at the Decentralized and Alternative Finance Event, MaRi Eagar highlighted that without imagining regenerative economic worldviews and goverance, the ideals for decentralized, exponential technologies will simply accelerate the very social, economic and environment crisis facing the world.

During our presentation we emphasized the importance of designing for a transition to a better future that was possible for everyone.

We also introduced our first innovative new leadership program on Regenerative Design Thinking and Development.

EcoNova Sacred Valley Retreat, Peru, 2019

During October 2019 we spend a month in Sacred Valley Peru to establish partner networks and connections who can provide regenerative lifestyle change facilitation. The purpose of this curated and expanding network is to support future retreats outside of the mainstream extractive spiritual tourism.During this time, we also completed the Transformative Tech Academy program. The vision for the retreat was to finalize content for the Regenerative Psychointegration Facilitation guide, inspired by the mountain communities and road-less-travelled facilitators from Sacred Valley.

This exclusive content is currently available on the EcoNova Regenerative Leadership Network.

Protect Your Art Workshop, Vancouver, 2019

Tanna Po designed and hosted a free art community event to share about free resources available to artists and advice on how to use them. The workshop taught artists the  basics of gallery, art show contracts and how to contract a commission. They were also provided information on how creative commons licenses work and how to use them at this free event intended for artists starting their own business. 

The event closed with a visual thinking activity to share how artists can deploy their strengths and combine it with story telling for goal setting.

The Vancouver Makerlabs generously allowed us to use their space at no cost. We recorded some of the activities which are available for free to members of the EcoNova Regenerative Leadership Network.

Chartered Professional Accountants Vancouver Technology Forum, 2019

Presenting not only the technology, but also business model philosophy of digital assets and blockchain technologies at  the Chartered Professional Accountants Vancouver Technology Forum. This was our second opportunity to be invited to speak about the future distributed economy.

Instead of just presenting theories, we also introduced a futurist “digital-only” prototype banking approach using emerging technologies and game theory.

Decentralized Financial Wellbeing Hackathon, BC Blockchain Forum, 2018

Presented by the BC Blockchain Forum, Women in Emerging Tech and Blockstack. The call to action for developers was to create a decentralized product/service to help financially distressed individuals, families and communities participate in the emerging decentralized economy.  In particular we wanted to highlight the urgent need and possibilities to make emerging technology development available to people who are financially distressed and essential workers earning low incomes.

The Decentralized Financial Wellbeing Hackathon was open to any developer to participate.

UBC Sauder, Web 3.0 Leadership Best Practices, 2018

How do you bring human talk into tech talk and investment talk?

This two hour fireside chat and group discussion was aimed at human resources practitioners and those who help with new tech adoption, for example change management practitioners, recruitment, leadership facilitators and coaches, talent managers, organizational development specialists, training specialists, organizational design, compensation and rewards programs.

The Art of Decentralized Leadership, BC Blockchain Forum, 2018

A strategic initiative by the BC Blockchain Forum, and professional Vancouver human potential development facilitors –  free and open to everyone in the global blockchain ecosystem. MaRi Eagar designed a simple decentralized leaderhip model utilizing blockchain governance principles underpinned with Liberating Structure design to engage the mainly developer community in evaluating the need for decentralized leadership.

All notes from the community were gathered, and presented and make available (open source) on slideshare. In addition we conducted interviews with influential blockchain leaders to bring the model to life for communities around the world. These were broadcast to a global blockchain dedicated radioshow. We closed the initiative with a blockchain leadership event at Blockchain@UBC and a formal presentation to the blockchain community at a global blockchain conference in Vancouverr.

Dogecon Vancouver, 2018

MaRi Eagar created and performed a story telling production designed specifically for Dogecon 2018.

As part of the performance during the opening ceremony, she introduced the folklore of Hummingbird’s Quest, and the need for incorporating regenerative cultures and worldviews into emerging technologies to generate a more prosperous future. During this interactive performance, participants were taught creative meditation using storytelling, poems, dance movement, sounds and colours.

During the formal speaker events, as a member of the Abundance Panel, MaRi debriefed the poems in context of the theme of Prosperity, and what it means beyond money when thinking about prosperity. Subsequent to the event, community leaders have started becoming more aware of creative self-development practices

Blockchain For Enterprise: CIO Association Canada, CIO Peer Forum Vancouver, 2018

The presentation/discussion of Manie Eagar and Mari Eagar had build awareness and advance business understanding of blockchain at the converging technologies such as Digital Identity Management, Digital Assets and Currencies, Token Generated Events, Mobile Communications, FinTech, AI, RoboAdvisers, Cybersecurity, IoT, Machine-to- Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Analytics.


Sacred Spaces Village, Burning Man, 2012

At Sacred Spaces Village, MaRi Eagar lead an interactive presentation and performance of various stories and medicine songs including the Khoisan healers from Southern Africa. More than 100 people participated to learn practices she introduced. In the spirit of our philosophy of immediate access to knowledge, she lead more than an hour of sing-along icaros based on mantras, and creative movement meditation.

Safety protocols were also introduced in a fun way, including songs to introduce respect for transfomative technologies and ancestral wisdom.