EcoNova Personal Development and Strategic Leadership Programs

“The Nature of Americans study reinforces the importance of developing compelling content and experiences that connect people to the magic of nature. It is so critical that we all work together to help the next generation live happier and healthier lives – while inspiring them to care for the environment.” Kevin Callahan, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, The Walt Disney Company

We empower leaders and organizations to develop nature positive competitive advantages

EcoNova’s strategic innovation development approach, immersive regenerative talent practices and action learning projects address local and global work and wellbeing challenges, while also aligning and enabling organizations  to make credible, visible progress on their transition into the distributed digital asset and wellbeing economy.

Our approach enables leaders to build trust in achieving transformative 2030 Financial, Stakeholder as well as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) vision and scores and developing a real economy on the ground.

Our scaleable model and framework cultivates distinct competitive advantage with a nature positive and regenerative culture employer brand.

Regenerative leadership development is synced with the regeneration of ecosystems.  Instead of recipes, there is a set of concepts, principles and techniques that enable the understanding of Regenerative Innovation and Business Models’ fundamental characteristics.

End-user adoption and change management is incorporated to support the visible achievement of Return on Investment. Our solutions-focused, accreditation and mentoring model supports scaling and multi-dimensional ecosystem capability growth.

Applied Regenerative Therapy Practitioner Program

First, is to remember what it means to be Human.

Regeneration is not academic nor spectator sport. It does not mean reinventing yourself either.

Upon completion of both programs, participant receive the Applied Regenerative Psychology Certificate.

Ecotherapy for Everyone, Everywhere (For Everyday Living)

This indoors and outdoors nature based personal leadership development program introduces goal focused positive eco-psychology and a repeatable, scaleable structure, process and tools for nature positive creativity. 

As regenerative leadership for everyday living, the program supports remote work, people connection and positive employee experience, and cultivates personal, relationship, family and professional wellbeing.

Participants will learn why nature-based leadership is growing in popularity, how to practice  (instead of just theory) and apply the program to think differently about their own area of expertise. At the end of the course they will be able to articulate ecotherapy in their own words, and be able to guide others through a similar process.

Unlike traditional leadership programs, participants can include their family and friends in the activities, making the program social while providing for nature-based wellbeing experiences at work and at home. The program closes with a celebratory Story Salon to inspire creative expression and connection.

Certificate: Ecotherapeutic Guide

EcoNova Regenerative Life Design Thinking

The EcoNova Regenerative Design Thinking program generates an experiential and immersive personal revitalization and leadership cultural adventure inspired by applied positive psychology, human arts, nature based therapy, philosophy as therapy and nature positive cultures around the world.

The goal is to “renature mind”, nurture imagination and cultivate regenerative life style habits – whether as an individual, family or community.

Whether transitioning into a new role, develop new leadership and talent programs or generate green creative lifestyle innovations, this playbook makes Regenerative Design Thinking and Development practical and accessible to suit the busy work and life of high performance leaders, artist innovators, health care professionals, teachers, data scientists and more.  

The program encourages action learning, using a “choose your own adventure” model while participants apply concepts to a work, home or community project. Participants produce a regenerative artifact at the end of the program. 

Certificate: Regenerative Therapy Practitioner

Regenerative Innovation Practitioner Program

Regeneration: the action or processes to restore and maintain the vitality and health of a system.

Regenerative Innovation Leadership is earned through immersion, starting with cultivating personal, business and community knowledge, culture, skills, prosperity and experience… within a vibrant nature ecosystem.

Upon completion of the two leadership programs below, participants receive the Applied Regenerative Innovation Practitioner Certificate.

A Day in the Life of the Chief Regeneration Officer

This Green Paper program introduces leaders to the role of a leader as Chief Regeneration Officer. (A strategic conversation is a facilitated cooperative sharing of thoughts and exploration of ideas focused on the vision, purpose and longer term, big picture of the team or organization.)

Our Three Regenerative Leadership conversations take participants on a progressive journey. Here they explore new regenerative leadership and organizations concepts and regenerative design qualities through studying new research, data gathering, case studies and dialogue with each other. Leaders will learn about the emerging new regenerative economy, gain insights into the lessons learnt from big tech and in particular our first hand experiences of the growth and adoption challenges of the distributed digital asset and blockchain industry. Participants leave the program with their first regenerative business quick wins, as well as high level regenerative Financial, Stakeholder and ESG vision and goals.  

Regenerative Community Leaders Design and Cultivation

Today social infrastructure design, community and ecosystem development is an unexplored competitive advantage. This creates an opportunity for designing regenerative community and social business models and business development roadmaps for strategic regenerative projects and enterprise. Such communities benefit from establishing strategic frameworks, economic models and governance early on. They also articulate how conflict and unethical behavior will be will be dealt with.

Our community design and development program introduces participants to research on regenerative community characteristics, how it can be cultivated and measured, while aligning growth to ESG business models and goals.

They are guided through facilitated conversations and activities to develop a clear vision for a community ecosystem, community purpose, aspiring goals and governance model that contributes to community wealth and health, psychological well-being, vitality, living standards and environmental ecosystems.

Our Development Model

 Our action project learning programs are tailor made for high performance professionals and organizations, including remote work and virtual organizations.

We offer an accreditation and knowledge transfer process to develop community and organizational regenerative facilitator capacity.

Incorporating principles of strategic ecosystems development, human and nature positive cultures and economies, embodied leadership and creative connection – program participants gain awareness of and are able to generate new green creative business models, technologies. They gain future fit skills, such as critical thinking, living systems thinking. ecoliteracy, new economy leadership skills, and social and digital intelligence.

Our value proposition
  • Incorporates more than 20 years of real world experience in executive and senior corporate strategy, business modeling, leadership and organizational development innovations, digital transformations and emerging tech and culture..
  • Accelerates the adoption and utilization of nature-based leadership and regenerative organizational development models with “blueprints” and a “building modules model”  that makes regeneration simple to learn and teach – but is not a “one size fits all”.
  • Developed with and for busy, high performance environments, leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to easily align strategic leadership and business innovation development to the organization’s Financial, Environmental, Social and Ethical Corporate Governance goals.
  • Practical, tested in real life applying experiential, action projects, byte size iterative learning and neurosciences pedigogy to cultivate personal development and organizational performance and wellbeing using regenerative thinking and habits.
  • Gain access to regenerative networks with artists, professionals and green entrepreneurs who took the road “less travelled” and pioneered novel knowledge, products and services.
  • Find insights and foresights and first mover advantages into new market opportunities by having access to curated, independently researched content and networks, from psychology to economics to philosophy.
  • Find common ground and navigate conflict through restoring digital wellbeing, addressing moral distress, promoting natural language, thinking and movement and nurturing imagination.
  • Provide scaleable employee wellbeing programs that can be also be applied for remote work, at home with their families and communities.
  • Can be used as part of a consumer education and adoption journey.
  • Make sense of different regenerative perspectives, and differentiate between hype and viable regenerative enterprise and projects.
Regenerative Community of Learning and Practice

EcoNova course participants have access to our exclusive and curated EcoNova Regenerative Leadership Network where they can

  • be social without having to be on social media or popular gaming and streaming platforms,
  • make new friendships,
  • learn about other regenerative ecosystems and networks,
  • learn to identify patterns of renewal and integrity,
  • practice future consciousness,
  • study qualitative relationships and patterns that hold things together,
  • gain access to unique regenerative community events,
  • share their work and collaborate with others,
  • tap into pioneering networks and ecosystems, and
  • meet pathfinders who respectfully challenge the status quo.
Personal Growth and Leadership Development Benefits and Outcomes
  • Antidote to apathy and/or cyniscm
  • Recovery from health challenges, including burnout
  • Overcoming loneliness and sense of “disconnectedness”
  • Finding meaning, joy, peace and happiness in connecting with nature
  • Positive identity regeneration
  • Inspiration for cultivating personal agency and resourcefulness
  • Digital wellbeing
  • Connection and belonging
  • Personal work and career revisioning: eco-self-sovereign lifestyle
  • Cognitive Sovereignty: Giving people the power to interpret content and not have it interpreted for them.
  • Experiencing how to host space to review personal suffering and challenges, including significant life events and set-backs