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Nature Therapy and Expressive EcoArt Events

Where people meet for personal regeneration in beautiful spaces around the globe, rewild their hearts and repair connection to self, others and nature.


Our Motto: See One. Do One. Teach One,


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About EcoNova’s Regenerative Meetups

We share our regenerative approach, practices and tools within our communities through our Decentralized Expressive EcoArts Hive.

Events focus on offering solutions to nature deficit, moral distress, digital fatigue, work burnout, cognitive overload, trauma, social isolation, loneliness and relationship conflicts.

Our goal is to help regenerative community leaders grow, support green creativity cultures, repair mental and emotional wellbeing while restoring human-nature connection.


Examples of our nature therapy and expressive ecoart events and workshops


The theme we are focusing on and paying attention to during the month.

Our activities for the month.

What we want our activities for that month to achieve


Our sense of connection with the natural world, including our experience of ourselves as nature.

Explore the benefits of enriching our relationship with nature, and simple ways to address nature deficit.

Feeling alive through the emotions nature brings us.


Our innate love for the living world.

Natural time is difficult to maintain in our indoors and digital lives. How can being outdoors help us connect with the rythms of life?

Tuning in to nature through our 54 senses.


Our capacity to restore health to ourselves, communities and nature.

Regeneration is inherent in humans and nature.

Remembering how nature brings meaning to our lives.

Notice Nature

Simply noticing nature enhances our sense of kinship and relationship with the natural world.

Flowers are not only beautiful. They also communicate meaning, hope, love, hospitality and healing.

Noticing nature’s beauty.




Meet Our Speakers 

Lee Chase
Lee Chase

Applied Positive Ecotherapy Practitioner and EcoNova Community Lead

Jennifer Aberman
Jennifer Aberman

Artist and Trauma-informed Counselor

Want to Speak at this Meetup or at a Future Meetup?
MaRi Eagar
MaRi Eagar

Executive Consultant & EcoNova Founder

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Where we meet

Usually outdoors (indoors during extreme weather).
Virtual with global speakers and events


EcoNova Leaders is currently sponsoring to make these events FREE to attend.