How can leadership and leadership development be regenerative?


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The challenge we solve

“Executives with direct links to the clean-energy future rarely hold senior leadership positions or sit on the boards at 20 leading U.S. and European banks. Bloomberg Green analyzed the past and present professional affiliations of more than 600 directors and executives and found only a few with experience in renewable or sustainable industries.” Bloomberg Green, June 2, 2020


Establish regenerative leadership as a strategic executive and senior leadership role and board seat.

We are a collective of high impact professionals and leaders who apply nature and human positive innovations to protect and restore the vitality of the natural world.

Regenerative Leaders build ecosystem capacity to regenerate itself, design and develop nature and human wellbeing business models and capabilities, and achieve excellence in their ESG ambitions.

Together we are establishing regenerative leadership as a strategic seat and voice at the executive, investment and decision making tables. Founded by high impact professionals who are pathfinders who believe in building towards a more hopeful future. We achieve this by collaborating and co-creating new principles, structures, models and tools for Regenerative Leadership Capabilities.

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