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EcoNova is a boutique business management consultancy specializing in regenerative business innovation. 

We design nimble, agile and easy to adopt regenerative innovation programs, playbooks and tools tailored for entrepreneurs and professionals such as innovation leaders, strategy teams, sustainability consultants,  digital transformation experts, health care and social work professionals, leadership and organizational development facilitators, Gen Z talent specialists and more.

Our innovation and strategy programs creating the conditions and building the human capacities for regeneration while enabling green creative thinking for regenerative web 3.0 business models.

Our purpose is to accelerate the adoption of the distributed and regenerative economy by fostering earth friendly worldviews, lifestyles and nature positive technology leadership mindsets.

Our point of view is that new professional and business mindsets and practices are more effective to adopt and implement when it is attractive and valuable to people’s lives, immediately applicable, meaningful, enjoyable, generate positivity and hope, repair relationships and increase career and financial prosperity.


“Higher levels of nature connectedness benefit both people and nature through promoting pro-nature conservation actions, pro-environmental behaviours, and greater mental wellbeing”. Prof Miles Richardson

core team

We are experienced business professionals whose common purpose is to contribute to human and nature revitalization.

MaRi Eagar

MaRi Eagar

CEO and Founder

 MaRi is the founder of EcoNova and lead regenerative business innovator.

Originally trained as South African Chartered Accountant, she has a 30 year, award winning business career in strategy, leadership and business innovations.

MaRi founded the BC Blockchain Forum and was a strategic blockchain ecosystems development leader since 2013.  She specializes in agile regenerative design, psychology and business innovations in the metaverse.

Louhn Kuhn

Louhn Kuhn

Customer Experience

Louhn brings more than 20 years leadership experience in operations and financial management at the South African Airports Company. She held roles as senior manager Infrastructure and Property Development responsible for large capital project budgets and execution in complex and high stakes corporate environments.

Louhn brings her experience in capital project planning and management to the regenerative economy. She directs EcoNova’s end-user experiences.

Lee Chase

Lee Chase

Nature Connecting Facilitator

Lee’s professional career started in the oil industry in Alberta where she worked for more than 15 years in logistics, operations and financial management.

During 2016 Lee moved to Vancouver focusing on operational management and customer relationships in financial services, including blockchain industry and as mentor and consultant to startups. She facilitates team building events and regenerative events and workshops in Vancouver.

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Linking ideas to create new value in the real world.




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