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EcoNova is a female found regenerative business innovation and transformation boutique consultancy and community of practice. Our headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada.

We develop competencies for the training of regenerative business innovators, organizations and communities.

Our purpose is to accelerate the adoption of the distributed and regenerative  economy by raising awareness of and making regeneration part of everyday life.

Our motivation is to help people future proof their careers and organizations while navigating and becoming part of changing the economic models of the value of humanity and nature in the automated future. 

Our intent is to deploy our strengths and corporate experience to help our clients, community of practice, partners and networks gain first mover and competitive advantages as we enter the regenerative renaissance.

Live Events, Meetups, Presentations & Workshops

Strategic communications and education to raise awareness and buy-in for regenerative enterprise. Conversation starters about future impacts.

9 Strategic Leadership Conversations Facilitation

Action-focused facilitated conversations taking participants on a regenerative business inquiry. Identification of quick wins, vision and goals.

Consulting & Program Implementation

Maturity assessments, unearthing strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results. Strategic solution design and program management.

Online Training

Scaleable and brain based approach to education. Pragmatic action based learning and organizational development  to enable ESG and wellbeing economy.

Cultural Design Programs

Intentional cultural design and incubation. Facilitation of respectful cultural exchanges to enrich cultural and social capital regeneration.

Community of Practice

Change takes discipline and practice – individually and collectively.  Leading a community of 10 is different to leading a community of 1 million.

We specialize in regenerative design thinking and development. Our focus is to provide an easy access to the regenerative economy by providing curated research content, corporate appropriate professional skills development and valuable peer circles to startup regeneration.

Our pragmatic solutions, blueprints and tools enable busy and high performance entrepreneurs and corporate consulting professionals to incorporate regenerative business principles into their everyday life while expanding their toolbox and client offering.

Eco Innovators

We are cultural creatives from a variety of work, life, generational, country and social experiences. Our common purpose is building nature-positive mindsets and cultures for human and nature restoration, recreation and connection as our contribution to ecosystems potential realization.

We collaborate on conducting research, sharing knowledge and design and development of new nimble, creative and corporate culture appropriate frameworks, methods and technologies in sustainability practices through personal and organizational regenerative design thinking and development.

Our point of view is that personal and cultural sustainability and transformational practices and activities are more effective and attractive when it can also be fun, generate positivity and financial prosperity. 


MaRi Eagar

MaRi Eagar

CEO, Chief Regeneration Officer and Business Innovator. Recreational Experiences Designer. Storyteller and Philosopher.

Louhn Kuhn

Louhn Kuhn

Customer Experience and Education. Chapter Lead for Southern Africa. Strategic Travel and Tourism Projects Leader.

Lee Chase

Lee Chase

Regenerative Business and Finance Models and Brand Ambassador. Community Lead: Positive Ecotherapy Practitioners.

Karina Fortier

Karina Fortier

Regenerative Travel Consultant. Circular and Regenerative Fashion retailer. Making respectful cultural exchange possible.

our Work

We invest in and develop products, services and ecosystem contributions with strategic impact. Thoughtful partnering is important in our pursuit of excelllence and role modeling.

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