Our Team – Renaturing Ourselves and Our Planet

EcoNova is a Canadian regenerative business innovation company with a female founded team.

Our Motto: What got us here today, won’t get us there tomorrrow!

We love to observe, study and empower human potential and the link with nature and healthy ecosystems.

We practice what we preach.

Our team works fully remotely at the moment.

We are passionate about protecting and restoring vitality to wild and undomesticated places and energies, nurturing and educating human imagination and regenerative life teaching and design.

Access to quality knowledge, continuous learning and community development are important to us.

MaRi Eagar: Founder, CEO and Chief Regeneration Officer of EcoNova.

MaRi is a Canadian award winning business innovation, strategy and leadership consultant bringing her skills and knowledge to the Regeneration Movement. She has more than 20 years of experience ideating, designing and incubating new products and services, culture and leading change in complex organizations.

Since 2013 MaRi has hands on experience in distributed and decentralized innovation, leadership, deep democracy, governance and ethics, and strategic ecosystem cultivation in her role as startup mentor and community leader in Vancouver’s emerging tech culture, and founder of the BC Blockchain Forum.

She established her career as a South African Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters degree (cum laude) in Leadership Philosophy with her research paper on the application of Contemplative Practices for Leadership Development. She obtained her Post-Graduate Certificate in individual and Group Leadership Counselling and Facilitation. Certified: Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Positive Psychology Coach; Team Coaching International; a Prosci Trainer, Professional and Certificate in the Science of Happiness at Work from University of California, Berkeley. Somatic Coach (NIA White Belt and Green Belt).

MaRi continues to incorporate the Wisdom of the Minority in accordance to the principles of Deep Democracy, an African innovation to create a culture of inclusion, overcome resistance, deal with tension, conflict and co-resolving thereof.

MaRi is passionate about reconnecting people’s work and life to psyche, nature and regenerative life styles while deepening relationships between people, their local communities and environment. Story teller of the tribe. Student of Nature.

EcoNova Team

Louhn Kuhn

Louhn Kuhn

Director: Customer Experience and Education

Louhn is a Financial Wellbeing advisor at ZARFin, a financial planning service that will assist you in establishing a better relationship with your money. Previously she worked as Senior Manager Infrastructure and Property Development at Airports Company, Cape Town, South Africa, leading her teams during the rapid shift to remote work during 2020.

She is an experienced senior accountant and specialist in strategic and large scale, complex capital development including business case development and project management.

Louhn’s focus is on ensuring the business case and return on investment, end-user testing and experiences of EcoNova models and prototypes within high performance and agile work environments

She is passionate about incorporating nature and more creativity into work environments, while enabling leaders to develop their careers in the regenerative platform economy.

She makes sure our design approach, tools, content and delivery models are practical based on people’s real experienced and needs at work and home.

Louhn supports our client experience to enable us to add attractive value to the lives of busy high performance leaders while they achieve alignment and achievement of strategic goals at work, their business and careers.



Regenerative Leadership, Therapy and Innovation

Rai is our expert on Peruvian Ancestral Wisdom and Indigenous Community Collaboration. An experienced transformation retreat leader, kungfu practitioner, mountaineer and avid surfer, he specializes in TransTech and teaching and instructing others on how to apply the skillful means of his indigenous teachers and lineages, and their unique technologies and tools to empower you to learn how to change your mind.

Rai obtained his bachelors degree in Lima, Peru in 2008  and is an alumni of TransTech Academy 2019. He has a thriving, global practice as a transpersonal psychologist, regenerative therapist and eco-adventure leader.  During 2018 he became a member of the Enayrt Group, where he is valued for bringing his unique approach to western psychology including online video therapy and eco-therapy presentations. Rai’s transformation approach focuses on fostering nature-relatedness and cultivating biophilia – a love for life and living systems.

As our Chapter Leader for Peru, he consultants on utilizing emerging technologies and cultures to protect and renew Andean knowledge, skills and technologies and ensure innovations contributes to the wellbeing and prosperity of communities they originate from.



Claire Van Der Vywer

Claire Van Der Vywer

Lead Consultant, Creative Leadership

Claire is an international performance artist, and writer. She is a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Positive Psychology Coach. Claire knows how to juggle her artistic life with her busy professional career in the insurance technology industry, where she works in new product and service development. During 2019 Claire completed the Transformative Tech Academy program.

A regenerative therapeutic and green creativity facilitator, Claire reconnects people to their bodies and heart expression through dance, nature inspired creative moment, improvisation and play with purpose. She deploys visual thinking methods and positive psychology in her Regenerative Innovation Practitioner toolkit.

She is our go-to person for community rituals and celebrations and provides guidance and coaching to our innovation community, Startup Regeneration.

In her role as EcoNova Consultant, Claire designs and facilitates cultural creative leadership programs to help individuals and teams reconnect with imagination, lightheartedness and the joy of life.  Yes, she can teach Zulu dance and dancing on stilts!!!  

Karina Fortier

Karina Fortier

Regenerative Travel Consultant

With a background and Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in political science and international development, Karina is passionate about intercultural relations, environmental activism, and addressing socio-economic imbalances. Karina provides translation services (Spanish/English) and customer service and marketing, with clients such as the online Spanish classes at Overcome the Barrier.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, she has lived in Peru for more than five years. In 2018 Karina founded the sustainable travel agency Tours for your Soul, to help foster responsible tourism in Peru while benefiting local communities who often do not have direct opportunities to gain from tourism in their areas.

Karina researches the practical application of circular economics in tourism in her community. She with MaRi are collaborating with Amaru Stay in Sacred Valley on a virtual Introduction to Andean Culture program and experience. This includes the development of an online course to secure additional new sources of income for mountain communities to not only support their resilience to economic and environmental changes, but also be recognized as experts in long term cultural survival.

EcoNova  Advisors

Hugo Coetzee

Hugo Coetzee

Advisor: Augmented Reality, TransTech & Large Scale Corporate Digital Innovation

Senior Human Resource Innovator leading large scale process, technology and people transformation, in the people space, in Anglo American Platinum, South Africa.

Hugo is an intrapreneur and international speaker on applied augmented reality, gamification and story telling to successfully strategize and implement large scale business change.

He established his skills in people development as a professional parachute Instructor and teaching survival and tracking skills in the bush. He build his reputation for innovation at the start of his career when he introduced industrial theatre as training programs to enable more effective health and safety initiatives in large mines in Southern Africa.

Hugo advises us on leading edge transformational technologies in context of high performance, high demand corporate environments in high risk safety cultures. We look to him to learn how to incorporate augmented reality and the utilization of technology to enable personal, teams and organizational regenerative cultural transformation.

Jen Aberman

Jen Aberman

Advisor: Therapeutic Counselling Ethics

Artist and registered trauma-informed therapeutic counsellor and mindfulness educator, Vancouver, Canada.

Jennifer has a private practice with office locations in North Vancouver & Kitsilano. She works with both youth and adults to support them in creating the authentic lives they want to create for themselves.

She also facilitates workshops on mindfulness and suicide intervention skills with the BC Crisis Center.

Jen continuous her own professional art therapeutic practices, and this is an important aspect of her regenerative work.

MaRi and Jen collaborates on the mental health challenges of moral distress and suffering, and the incorporation of regenerative therapeutic approaches as a remedy and path to moral resilience and flourishing.

Jen advises us on client-centric, regenerative and nature-based therapeutics, in particular in context of medical health profession standards and ethics.

Lee Chase

Lee Chase

Advisor: Business Model Development & Operations

Lee leverages her love for the outdoors and pristine natural world, creativity and diversity in operations and supply management, finance, marketing, science, technologies, and psychology, as well as over 15 years’ experience in client relations and sales in the energy and banking industry, to provide a creative yet logical, analytical perspective while building long lasting relationships with internal and external clients.

She obtained her CSC Licence with the Canadian Securities Institute during 2019. She holds various degrees in business, finance and Network Engineering Technology.

At Cannacord Genuity Group she conducted research to keep current on political, market and economic events possibly affecting or enhancing the position of alternative investments strategies in the business.  

Lee deploys this unique set of skills to provide companies with maximum growth through tenacity, integrity and enthusiasm. 

She has a passion for technology including the blockchain and biotech space with its endless possibilities for increasing economic and social welfare for developing nations. Lee is an experienced mountain biker. With a deep connection to nature, she can be found jogging along the beach at sunset and being active in nature whenever the opportunity arises.

Lee is our north star in focusing on financial and business viability, including structuring and organizing for scaleable success within the new ESG economy requirements.

Liana West

Liana West

Advisor: Neuroleadership and Learning

Liana is a Learning and Development Specialist Consultant at BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, Provincial Health Care, Vancouver, Canada. She holds a Masters degree in Neuroscience and certification in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

Liana is a Change Management/User Readiness/Technical Training Specialist with over 15 years experience developing blended learning curricula for online, self-study, and classroom settings. She continues to study and explore new experiences for brain and emotional wellbeing.

In Vancouver Liana volunteers for Landmark, Bike to Work Week, Hub Cycling and Bicycle Valet to live her passion for active transportation that supports the environment. 

She has been an Instructor and Facilitator at WE Arts at local community centres since November 2015. 

She is the founder of the Zen Love Coaching, a Dating with Purpose Community. Here she provides the Art of Mindful Dating facilitation to support people in achieving longlasting and authentic relationships.

Liana advises us on neuroleadership and relationship psychology as well as traveling trends in particular restorative and renewing experiences for relationships. She also reviews and provides feedback on our regenerative innovation programs.

Lizzy Phakedi

Lizzy Phakedi

Advisor: Ecotherapy training for the Caregiving Profession

Lizzy is an EcoNova Ecotherapeutic Guide and Mentor, and has more than 20 years of experience in the home care industry, specializing in care for children. She brings us deep wisdom in resilience, perseverance and how to set a life path for ensuring the next generation can be successful in the future.

Lizzy is passionate about the wellbeing of children in their home environment, including how to support them to experience happiness, kindness and joy. For years she has studied factors that impacts mental wellbeing and this informs her approach to her work.

She loves gardening, and is a very active member of her communities. The bonds of family are important to her, and she works on projects such as homesteading in her rural community.

Lizzy advises us on how our ecotherapy programs can be used by those in the caregiving professions, and to ensure our programs and technology platforms are accessible in high density city environments with limited access to nature, as well as being family friendly. In addition she provides insights on how to design our training so that participants can include their children and family in the activities.

Lucia Ccana Santa Cruz

Lucia Ccana Santa Cruz

Advisor: Regenerative Travel Experiences

Lucia is a community leader from the Amaru Community –  a unique and small Andean village.  Citizens of Amaru are as talented as they are hospitable, and are known for being masters in the art of weaving in the unique and authentic tradition of their ancestors.

Lucia offers a unique homesteading experience more than 3800 meters above sea level, high in the pristine mountain ecosystems near Pisaq.

She is also a respected teacher on Andean mountain community culture and traditions.

We are collaborating with her on creating online documentary content as well as an online training program to make Amaru/Quechua culture accessible around the world. The project focuses on the voices of women, family life, inter-generational living, children and even dating and marriage customs.

Lucia advises us on regenerative cultural experiences. including how to engage communities with a mindset of curiosity, reciprocal engagement, learning and respect.

Marianne Wyne

Marianne Wyne

Advisor: Regenerative Enterprise

Marianne is the Chief Operating Officer of Planetary Care – A Collaboration for Agriculturally Regenerative Engagement.  She is passionate about building a backbone ecosystem to hasten the transformation back to regenerative agriculture to benefit all global citizens.

Marianne spent the last 25 years working with transformational change, mostly in different operational roles, focused on people, process and technology. She is an active contributor to the blockchain, AI and other exponential tech communities globally.

Most of her professional life has she used Lean/Six Sigma methods to optimize systems & processes and organizational change management skills to help people make transformational change. She is certified as an Exponential Organization (ExO) Consultant and Sprint Coach.

Marianne advises us on frontier innovations and practices in the regenerative agriculture economy.


Veronica Ding

Veronica Ding

Advisor: Regenerative Leadership

As a senior executive in the financial service industry for over 20 years, Veronica has worked with and influenced business leaders and  experienced challenging and thought-provoking situations.

Having worked in Canada, United States and China, she brings unique perspectives on people and organizations.

Veronica is passionate about helping business leaders and owners expand their thought process, broaden their success experiences, create new possibilities and stay ahead of current advantages and challenges.

She is a master at hosting the art of the conversation, and a perspective that brings into focus beauty, adventure, knowledge and a mindset of continuous learning.  This is expressed in her talent for capturing the beauty of nature in photography.

We look to Veronica for ensuring our programs are executive and senior leadership appropriate, deepens their relationships and bring real value to their personal growth and aspirations.