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Who we are

EcoNova is a female founded, boutique leadership innovation consultancy. Our headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We create nimble, agile and easy to adopt regenerative leadership development content, programs, playbooks and tools to enhance human capabilities through nature and enable green creative thinking for sustainable and healthy work and living.

Our purpose is to accelerate the adoption of the distributed and regenerative economy by fostering nature positive technology leadership mindsets to build human/nature social capital.

The problem we address: The more high tech we become, the more nature deficit we become.  Nature deficit reduces not only our human potential, health and natural information we receive, but also diminishes appreciation of bio-diversity and desire for stewardship of the natural world.

Current business strategy, leadership innovation approaches and organizational wellbeing models do not address nature deficit nor cultivate nature positive and regenerative skills and mindsets.

Why us? Emerging regenerate business concepts and models are new, complex to learn and navigate, expensive to adopt or scale, or not yet corporate appropriate. We focused our solutions on bridging this gap to accelerate the adoption of regenerative business enterprise and leadership skills.

Our motivation: We help experienced professionals and consultants develop future work leadership competencies and tools to gain competitive advantages in the new disruptive economy markets and industries.

Our point of view is that new professional and business mindsets and practices are more effective to adopt and implement when it is attractive to people’s lives, immediately applicable, meaningful, enjoyable, generate positivity and hope, repair relationships and increase career and financial prosperity.


“Higher levels of nature connectedness benefit both people and nature through promoting pro-nature conservation actions, pro-environmental behaviours, and greater mental wellbeing”. Prof Miles Richardson

Our products and services

Regenerative Innovation Awareness Education

Strategic communications and educational events to raise awareness and buy-in for regenerative business innovations. Wiki and Conversation starters about future impacts.

3 Strategic Leadership Conversations Training

Facilitation training in our structured, action-focused regenerative leadership conversations. Identify quick wins, vision and goals and link to strategy and integrated reporting.

Metaverse Design Playbook and Tools

Use our design playbooks and tools to create positive ecotherapeutic experiences in the Metaverse. Enrich cultural and social capital while learning how to optimize new technologies.

Online and In Person Training & Accreditation

Scaleable, brain based approach to regenerative design thinking with nature-inspired solutions focused leadership development to build nature positive organizational metrics and scorecards.

Regenerative Retreats and Travel Advise

Provide new services and products to clients inspired by our curated case studies and knowledge. Learn innovative practice and tools such as nature relatedness assessments and ecotherapy. 

Regenerative Community of Practice

Changing habits require discipline and practice – individually and collectively.  Participate in our curated community of practice for peer-to peer networking and knowledge value creation.

core team

We are experienced business professionals whose common purpose is to contribute to human and nature revitalization.

MaRi Eagar

MaRi Eagar

CEO, Regenerative Designer


MaRi is the founder of EcoNova and lead regenerative business innovator.

Originally trained as South African Chartered Accountant, she has a 30 year, award winning business career in strategy, leadership and business innovations.

MaRi founded the BC Blockchain Forum and was a strategic blockchain ecosystems development leader since 2013.  She specializes in agile regenerative design, psychology and business innovations in the metaverse.

Louhn Kuhn

Louhn Kuhn

Regenerative Leadership Consultant

Louhn is our Chapter Lead for Southern Africa.

She worked in operations and financial management at the South African Airports Company for more than twenty years, with her last two years in a role as senior manager Infrastructure and Property Development .

Louhn transitioned her career during 2021 to provide financial and regenerative advisory services to professionals to support their career transitions. She directs EcoNova’s end-user experiences.

Lee Chase

Lee Chase

Regenerative Leadership Consultant

Lee is our Chapter Lead for Alberta and British Columbia.

Her professional career started in the oil industry in Alberta where she worked for more than 15 years in logistics, operations and financial management.

During 2016 Lee moved to Vancouver focusing on operational management and customer relationships in financial services, including blockchain industry and as mentor and consultant to startups. She is passionate about regenerative platform design.

our Work

We invest in and develop products, services and ecosystem contributions with strategic impact. Thoughtful partnering is important in our pursuit of excelllence and role modeling.

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